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  • Media Coaching
    Your session is tailored to your experience, goals, and opportunities, and is always highly practical. We work one-to-one or in small groups to ensure you are well-prepared to meet the media. “Kim is an excellent media trainer. Her experience as a journalist in front of the camera has given her the inside knowledge that clients trust. I’ve worked with her on training sessions that have helped spokespeople build their confidence to articulate complex and challenging information with credibility.” HT, Communications Director
  • Presentation Coaching
    Any time you step up to speak and the outcome matters, coaching can help. You could be facing a conference hall of hundreds, a challenging team meeting, or a webinar audience. We start where you are - your presenting experience, your concerns, your goals. We’ll look at how to prepare, structure your content, manage any nerves, and engage your audience. We work one-to-one, or with teams of presenters for events, investor days, and pitches. “Kim is easy to work with and both inspires confidence in her pupils and helps them hone their messaging. The sessions are easy and relaxed and everyone who has benefited from her training has gone on to speak with ease and authority, no matter how nervous they were before they started!” FC, senior law partner
  • Role Transition Coaching
    Moving up, taking on a new project role, or thinking about your next step? A career transition provides a valuable opportunity to look at your own story. Is it up-to-date? Can you stand it up with proof points? Can you articulate it clearly and credibly? Coaching helps you take an objective look at your narrative, get it into shape, and test it. Vital if you need to get buy-in or motivate your team. "Kim supported me when I moved to a Director level role for the first time. Her insight and encouragement, in particular with enhancing my communication skills, was invaluable and contributed a great deal to what I achieved in the promoted role." CM, global HR director
  • Group Sessions and Workshops
    We run interactive group sessions on topics such as crisis communications, handling difficult stakeholder conversations, digital presence, and introduction to presentation skills. We coach teams for the launch of new or challenging projects to ensure consistency and alignment, and narrative development sessions to help teams refine and clarify their business story.
  • Facilitation and Hosting
    I’m an experienced host of panels, conferences, and awaydays. I work with my broadcast camera crew and editor to produce training, website, and internal comms videos, start to finish.
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